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Terms & Conditions

There are no refunds for our courses. The webinars cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Each individual is responsible for checking their email and the Discord app for updates about the course. You must use an email that is active to receive notifications about the courses. It is your responsibility to book any course through your members profile and attend them. 

Site Member Policy

Each individual is responsible for their own private member profiles on our website. We are not responsible for password resets or email changes. You will be given a membership for the course that remains active for the length of the course. After the course is over, your enrollment on the site will automatically expire and you will no longer have access to the course material. 

Course Material Policy

You will not have access to the webinars or recordings if you do not attend the sessions and/or fail to watch the recordings before the deadline. There are no extensions to the deadlines stated in the course unless it is specified by management. You can purchase the course for the next enrollment if you want to review the course materials after it expires.


Our instructors are not financial advisors nor do they have any financial certifications. The information provided comes directly from experience solely. How you use the information given to you and the decisions you make responsibility for any fi you make based on our guidance is fully your responsibility.

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